Research by Graduate Students

New computer model helps brings the sun into the laboratory

Andrew Alt

Physicist Andrew Alt in front of an image of a coronal mass ejection (Composite image by Elle Starkman/Solar image by NASA Goddard Media Studios)

Found: A fast and accurate way to optimize fusion energy devices

Nick Lopez

Physicist Nick Lopez with wave field near caustic outlined in purple behind him. (Collage and photo of Lopez by Elle Starkman/Office of Communications. Image of wave field courtesy of Journal of Optics)

Advancing the arrival of fusion energy through improved understanding of fast plasma particles

Laura Xin Zhang

Physicist Laura Xin Zhang with figures from her paper. Collage by Elle Starkman/Office of Communications

Exploring the source of stars and planets in a laboratory

Himawan Winarto

Physicist Himawan Winarto with figures from paper behind him. (Collage by Elle Starkman/Office of Communications.)

Scientists propose a novel method for controlling fusion reactions

Suying Jin

Physicist Suying Jin. (Photo courtesy of Suying Jin.)

New findings could improve understanding of potentially damaging solar storms

Kendra Bergstedt

Physicist Kendra Bergstedt in front of an artist's conception of the Magnetiospheric Multiscale Mission and the Earth's magnetosphere

Doctoral graduate Yuan Shi wins 2020 Marshall N. Rosenbluth Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award

Yuan Shi

Physicist Yuan Shi. (Photo courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.)

New insights into the dynamic edge of fusion plasmas could help capture the power that drives the sun and stars

Noah Mandell

PPPL physicist Ammar Hakim, left, and graduate student Noah Mandell with figures from Mandell’s paper showing the first computer simulations of kinetic plasma turbulence near the edge of fusion devices that can account for fluctuations of magnetic field lines. (Photos by Elle Starkman/Office of Communications and Krell Institute; composite by Elle Starkman.)

Artificial intelligence helps prevent disruptions in fusion devices

Yichen Fu

Physicist Yichen Fu. Photo and collage by Elle Starkman/PPPL Office of Communications.

Feeding fusion: hydrogen ice pellets prove effective for fueling fusion plasmas

Oak Nelson

Physicist Oak Nelson. Photo and composite by Elle Starkman.