Graduate Theses

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Title Advisor(s)
Denis André St-Onge Fluctuation Dynamo in Collisionless and Weakly Collisional Magnetized Plasmas M. W. Kunz
Ge Dong Nonlinear Dynamics of the Kinetic Ballooning Modes                                                                                                     A. Bhattacharjee
Jonathan Wei Xiang Ng Fluid Closures for the Modelling of Reconnection and Instabilities in Magnetotail Current Sheets A. Bhattacharjee


Name Title Advisor(s)

Raburn, Daniel

Efficient Numerical Calculation of MHD Equilibria with Magnetic Islands, with Particular Application to Saturated Neoclassical Tearing Modes

A. Reiman, D. Monticello

Kallman, Joshua B.

Determination of Sheath Heat Transmission Coefficient in NSTX Discharges with Applied Lithium Coatings R. Kaita

Peterson, Jayson D. L.

Relating Gyrokinetic Electron Turbulence to Plasma Confinement in the NSTX

G. W. Hammett,
D. Mikkelsen

Name Title Advisor(s)

Smith, Sterling

Magnetohydrodynamic Stability Spectrum With Flow and a Resistive Wall S. C. Jardin

Ross, Patrick W.

Ion Power Balance in Neutral Beam Heated Discharges on the NSTX

D. Gates, R. White

Dorf, Mikhail

Transport Properties of intense Ion Beam Pulse Propagation for High Energy Density Physics and Inertial Confinement Fusion Application R. C. Davidson

Berzak, Laura

Plasma Start-up in a Spherical Tokamak With Close-fitting Conducting Walls

R. Majeski, R. Kaita

Wang, Yansong

Nonlinear Heating of the Reconnection Layer by Strong Lower Hybrid Instabilities

H. Ji, R. Kulsrud

Name Title Advisor(s)

Stoltzfus-Dueck, Timothy

Tokamak edge turbulence and the approach to adiabatic response

J. A. Krommes, S. Zweben

Yampolsky, Nikolai A.

Plasma waves in parametric interactions N. J. Fisch

Park, Jong-kyu

Ideal Perturbed Equilibria in Tokamaks

J. Menard, A. Boozer

Smith, David R.

Investigation of electron gyro-scale fluctuations in the National Spherical Torus Experiment E. Mazzucato
Name Title Advisor(s)

Lukin, Vyacheslav

Computational Study of the Internal Kink Mode Evolution and Associated Magnetic Reconnection Phenomena S. C. Jardin

Gray, Timothy G.

Demonstration of Low Recycling on a Spherical Torus with Lithium Plasma Facing Components

R. Kaita, R. Majeski

Schartman, Ethan

Laboratory Study of angular momentum transport in rotating shear flow H. Ji

Chung, Moses

Studies of charged particle beam dynamics on the Paul Trap simulator experiment pure ion plasma R. C. Davidson, P. Efthimion

Diem, Stephanie J.

Investigation of EBW thermal emission and Mode-conversion physics in the National Spherical Torus C. Phillips, G. Taylor

Ferraro, Nathaniel M.

Non-ideal effects on the stability and transport of magnetized plasmas S. C. Jardin
Name Title Advisor(s)

Ren, Yang

Studies of Non-MHD effects during Magnetic Reconnection in a Laboratory Plasma M. Yamada

Jenkins, Thomas

Fluctuations, Noise and Numerical Methods in Gyrokinetic Particle -in- Cell Simulations W. W. Lee

Sefkow, Adam

Current Density Compression of Intense Ion Beams R. C. Davidson

Parrish, Ian

The Magnetothermal Instability and its Applications J. Stone

Lui, Wei

Axisymmetric Numerical and Analytical Studies of the Magnetorotational Instability in a Magnetized Taylor-Couette Flow H. Ji, J. Goodman
Name Title Advisor(s)

Kolesnikov, Roman

Bifurcation Theory of the Transition to Collisionless Ion-temperature-gradient-driven Plasma Turbulence J. A. Krommes

Belli, Emily

Studies of Numerical Algorithms for Gyrokinetics and the Effects of Shaping on Plasma Turbulence G. W. Hammett

Spaleta, Jeffrey

Experimental Study of the Effects of Lithium Coated Plasma Facing Components on Energy Confinement Time in the CDX-U Devices R. P. Majeski, C. K. Phillips

Smirnov, Artem

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Cylindrical Hall Thrusters N. J. Fisch, Y. Raitses

Sharma, Prateek

Kinetic Effects on Turbulence Driven by the Magnetorotational Instability in Black Hole Accretion G. W. Hammett
Name Title Advisor(s)

Landsman, Alexandra

Single Ion Dynamics Inside the Magnetic Field-reversed Configuration S. A. Cohen

Foley, Elizabeth

Development of the Motional Stark Effect With Laser-induced Fluorescence Diagnostic F. Levinton

Stowell, Ronald

Kinetic Theory for Antihydrogen Recombination Schemes R. C. Davidson

Dodin, Ilya

Nonlinear Dynamics of Plasmas under Intense Electromagnetic Radiation N. J. Fisch

Son, Seunghyeon

Reaction Rates and other Processes in a Dense Plasma N. J. Fisch

Kuritsyn, Alexey

Experimental Study of the Effects of Boundary Conditions and Guide Field On Magnetic Reconnection M. Yamada, F. Levinton

Kornack, Thomas

A Test of CPT and Lorentz Symmetry Using a K-3He Co-magnetometer M. Romalis
Name Title Advisor(s)

Morrison, Kyle A.

The effect of neutral gas pressure and electron temperature on the dynamics of the Electron Diffusion Gauge Experiment Electron Plasma R. C. Davidson, S. Paul

Dorf, Leonard

Studies of Anode Sheath Phenomena in Hall Thrusters Y. Raitses
Name Title Advisor(s)

Clark, Daniel S.

Investigations of Raman Laser Amplification in Preformed and Ionizing Plasmas N. J. Fisch

Zaharia, Sorin G.

3-D Magnetospheric Structures and Energetic Particle Injection C. Z. Cheng

Rosenberg, Adam L.

Ion absorption of the high harmonic fast wave in the NSTX J. Menard, J. R. Wilson
Name Title Advisor(s)

Ping, Yuan

Soft X-ray Lasers and Raman Amplification in Plasmas S. Suckewer

Jones, Brent (Physics)

Electron Bernstein Wave Thermal Emission and Mode Conversion in the CDX-U Spherical Torus P. Efthimion, G. Taylor
Name Title Advisor(s)

Munsat, Tobin

Transient Transport Experiments in the CDX-U Spherical Torus R. Majeski, M. Ono

Schekochihin, Alexander

Statistical Theory of Small-scale Turbulent Astrophysical Dynamos R. M. Kulsrud

Strasburg, Sean

Dynamics of Intense Charged-Particle Beams R. C. Davidson

Breslau, Joshua

Numerical Study of Magnetic Reconnection In Merging Flux Tubes S. C. Jardin

Li, Xiaohu

Laser-plasma Interaction in Plasma In Plasma Channel and Relativistic Dynamics G. Shvets

Carter, Troy

Experimental Studies of Fluctuations In a Reconnecting Current Sheet M. Yamada
Name Title Advisor(s)

Karasik, Max

Driven Motion and Instability of an Atmospheric Pressure Arc S. Zweben

Hsu, Scott C.

Experimental Study of Ion Heating And Acceleration During Magnetic Reconnection M. Yamada

Felice, GianMarco

The Diffusion of Cosmic Rays through The 90 degree Pitch Angle R. M. Kulsrud
Name Title Advisor(s)

Malyshev, Mikhail

Advanced Plasma Diagnostics for Plasma Processing V. Donnelly, N. J. Fisch

Heeter, Robert F.

Alfven Eigenmode and Ion Bernstein Wave Studies for Controlling Fusion Alpha Particles N. J. Fisch

Trintchouk, Fedor

XUV Fluorescence in a Vacuum Arc Discharge by Resonant Optical Pumping S. Suckewer

Chao, Edward

Pure Electron Plasma Dynamics and The Effects of Collisions with Background Neutral Gas Atoms S. Paul, R. C. Davidson

Savchenko, Vladislav

Quantum and Radiation Effects in Plasmas N. J. Fisch

Snyder, Philip

Gyrofluid Theory and Simulation of Electromagnetic Turbulence and Transport in Tokamak Plasmas G. W. Hammett

Boldyrev, Stanislav

Burgers Turbulence and Passive Random Advection A. Polyakov, J. Krommes

Fong, Bryan

Metastable and Explosive Properties of Ballooning Modes in Laboratory and Space Plasmas S. C. Cowley

Leng, Lufeng

High-Speed Fiber-Based Modules for TDM/WDM Soliton Systems K. Bergman
Name Title Advisor(s)

Park, Jaeyoung

Studies on a Transition to Strongly Recombining Plasmas S. A. Cohen

Long, Hui

Hybrid Simulation of High Recycling Divertors C. Karney

Wright, John C.

Fast Wave Current Drive Modeling in Tokamaks C. K. Phillips

Menard, Jonathan E.

High-Harmonic Fast Wave Coupling and Heating Experiments in the CDX-U Spherical Tokamak M. Ono, S. C. Jardin

Herrmann, Mark C.

Cooling Alpha Particles with Waves N. J. Fisch

Chen, Yang

Numerical Study of the Nonlinear Evolution of Toroidicity-Induced Alfven Eigenmodes R. White

Wang, Zhehui

A Hollow Cathode Magnetron: Its Characterization and Energetic Nitrogen Atom Diagnostics S. Cohen

Schwartz, Peter V.

Molecular Beam Studies of the Growth and Kinetics of Self-Assembled Monolayers G. Scoles

Qin, Hong

Gyrokinetic Theory and Computational Methods for Electromagnetic Perturbations in Tokamaks W. M. Tang

Oliver, Hilary J.

A Newton Method for the Magnetohydrodynamic Equilibrium Equations A. H. Reiman

Uzdensky, Dmitri A.

Theoretical Study of Magnetic Reconnection R. Kulsrud
Name Title Advisor(s)

Chandran, Benjamin D.G.

Nonlinear Turbulent Dynamos and the Origin of the Galactic Magnetic Field R. Kulsrud

Herrmann, Hans W.

Anomalous Loss of DT Alpha Particles in the TFTR S. Zweben

Cauffman, Stephen R.

Ion Cyclotron Emission from Fusion Plasmas R. Majeski

Zhao, Yi

Interaction Between Energetic Particles and Sawtooth Instabilities in Tokamak Plasmas R. B. White

Lo, Ernest P.

Tangential Phase Contrast Imaging Diagnostic for Density Fluctuation Measurement on CDX-U

R. Kaita
Smith, S. A. (Applied Math) Dissipative Closures for Statistical Moments, Fluid Moments, and Subgrid Scales in Plasma Turbulence G.W. Hammett
Name Title Advisor(s)

Choe, Wonho

Feasibility Study of Electron Injection for Tokamak Plasma Transport Control M. Ono
Name Title Advisor(s)

Preische, Sherrie A.

Radially Localized Measurements of Superthermal Electrons Using Oblique ECE P. Efthimion, S. Kaye

Jones, Theodore G.

Low-aspect-ratio Tokamak Start-up and Operational Current Limits in CDX-U M. Ono

Qian, Qian

Nonlinear Dynamics of an Intense Nonneutral Ion Beam Propagating Through an Alternating-Gradient Focussing Lattice R. C. Davidson

Voss, Keith

Pulse-heated Vertical Electron Cyclotron Emission Diagnostic R. Kaita

Hu, Genze

Statistical Theory of Resistive Drift- Wave Turbulence and Transport J. A. Krommes

Wu, Yanlin

Wave-Particle Interaction in Tokamak Plasmas R. B. White

Lin, Zhihong

Gyrokinetic Particle Simulations of Neoclassical Transport W. W. Lee, W. M. Tang
Name Title Advisor(s)

Artun, Mehmet

Low-frequency Microinstabilities in Rotating Tokamak Plasmas W.M. Tang

Santoro, Robert A.

Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of a Multi-ion Species Plasma W. W. Lee

Vetoulis, George

Global Structures of Alfven-ballooning Modes in Magnetospheric Plasmas L. Chen

Cummings, Julian C.

Gyrokinetic Simulation of Finite-beta and Self-generated Sheared-flow Effects on Pressure-gradient-driven Instabilities W. W. Lee

Beer, Michael A.

Gyrofluid Models of Turbulent Transport in Tokamaks G. W. Hammett

Chiu, Gordon S.

Studies of Magnetized Plasmas Interacting with Neutral Gas S. A. Cohen

Moore, David A.

Pressure Measurement Using a Pure Electron Plasma R. C. Davidson
Name Title Advisor(s)

MacAulay, Alexander K.

Two-Dimensional Time-Dependent Simulation of Ablating Hydrogen Pellets in Hot Magnetized Fusion Plasmas S. C. Cowley

Zonca, Fulvio

Continuum Damping of Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes in Finite-Beta Tokamak Equilibria L. Chen

McCauley, John S.

Measurement and Interpretation of DT Neutron Emission from TFTR J. Strachan

Dorland, William D.

Gyrofluid Models of Plasma Turbulence G. W. Hammett

Coster, David P.

Tokamak Divertor Modelling with Fluid and Kinetic Codes C. F. F. Karney

Krushelnick, Karl M.

Coherent Soft X-ray Generation using a Powerful Subpicosecond Laser S. Suckewer

Zuiker, Christopher D.

Laser-induced Fluorescence Measurements in an Electron-cyclotron Resonance Plasma Etch Reactor J. Cecchi
Reynders, John V. W. (Applied Math) Gyrokinetic simulation of finite-beta plasmas on parallel architectures Wei-li Lee
Name Title Advisor(s)

Forest, Cary B.

Pressure Driven Currents in the CDX-U Trapped Particle Configuration M. Ono

Smith, Bruce L.

Particle Simulation of Auroral Double Layers H. Okuda

Hwang, Yong-Seok

Studies of Non-inductive Current Drive in the CDX-U Tokamak M. Ono
Name Title Advisor(s)

Roberts, Donald W.

Stability Studies of PBX-M Plasmas with Neutral Probe Beam q-Profile Diagnostics R. Kaita

Glanz, James

Strong Langmuir Turbulence and Four-Wave Mixing F. W. Perkins

Ilcisin, Kevin

A Study of Resonant Photopumping of Molybdenum VII for the Development of a VUV Laser S. Suckewer

Chan, Anthony A.

Interaction of Energetic Ring Current Protons with Magnetospheric Hydromagnetic Waves L. Chen

Boivin, R_jean L.

Measurements of Charged Fusion Product Diffusion in TFTR S. Zweben

Cuthbertson, John W.

Reflection of Plasma Ions from Metals beam source and its use as a hyperthermal neutral R. Motley, W. Langer

Bowman, John C.

Realizable Markovian Statistical Closures: General Theory and Application to Drift-Wave Turbulence J. A. Krommes

Anderson, Steven W.

Limits on Galactic Dynamo Theory due to Magnetic Fluctuations R. Kulsrud

Bannister, Mark E.

A Surface Wave Sustained Plasma Source of Supersonic Nozzle Beams of Metastable Argon Atoms *The Surfajet* J. Cecchi
Name Title Advisor(s)

Harley, Thomas R.

The Computation of Resistive MHD Instabilities in Axisymmetric Toroidal Plasmas C. Z. Cheng, S. C. Jardin

Duvall, Robert E.

Topics in Action-Angle Methods Applied to Tokamak Transport and Multiphoton Excitation of Atomic Systems H. E. Mynick

Powell, Edward T.

Plasma Equilibrium Modification Measurements with the PBX-M Soft X-ray Pinhole Camera R. Kaita

Ward, David J.

Studies of Feedback Stabilization of Axisymmetric Modes in Deformable Tokamak Plasmas S. C. Jardin
Name Title Advisor(s)

Kim, Dong-Eon

Study of Soft X-ray Amplification in a Magnetically-confined Recombining Laser-produced Plasma S. Suckewer

Brizard, Alain J.

Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Tokamak Physics R. B. White

Federici, John F.

Four-Wave Mixing and Phase Conjugation in Plasmas E. Valeo

Chung, Youngjoo

Quenching of Spontaneous Emission Coefficients in Plasmas S. Suckewer

Kim, Chang-Bae

Rigorous Upper Bounds for Turbulent Transport in Bounded Systems Passive Advection and Reversed-Field Pinches J. A. Krommes
Name Title Advisor(s)

Beiersdorfer, P.

High-Resolution Studies of the X-ray Transitions in Highly Charged Neonlike Ions on the PLT Tokamak S. von Goeler, M. Bitter

Dimits, Andris M.

Nonlinear Mechanisms for Drift Wave Saturation and Induced Particle Transport W. W. Lee

Murphy, Thomas J.

Tokamak Diagnostics Using Nuclear Techniques J. Strachan

Nam, Chang Hee

Spectroscopic Studies of Plasmas Created by a Powerful Picosecond Krypton-Fluoride Laser S. Suckewer

Darrow, Douglass S.

DC Helicity Injection Studies on the Current Drive Experiment M. Ono, H. Park
Name Title Advisor(s)

Luce, Timothy C.

Superthermal Electron Distribution Measurements With Electron Cyclotron Emission P. Efthimion

Olson, Lynn B.

Dependence of MHD Stability of a Plasma on the Ratio of the Densities of Energetic and Background Particles R. Motley

Lovberg, John A.

Ion Energy Balance Determination During He-3-Minority ICRH on PLT Using Fusion-Product Diagnostics J. Strachan

Pinsker, Robert I.

Fast Wave Current Drive Experiments on the Princeton Large Torus P. Colestock
Name Title Advisor(s)

Hammett, Gregory W.

Fast Ion Studies of Ion Cyclotron Heating in the PLT Tokamak R. Kaita

DeVore, Carl Richard

Theory and Simulation of the Evolution of the Large Scale Solar Magnetic Field R. Kulsrud

Keane, Christopher J.

Studies of Population Inversions in the Soft X-Ray Spectral Region in CO2 Laser Produced Plasmas S. Suckewer

Salberta, Eric R.

A Numerical Study of the Effects of Anisotropic Pressure on Ideal MHD Equilibrium and Stability in Tokamaks J. Johnson

Smith, Ralph A.

Aspects of Turbulent Transport in a Bounded Plasma J. Krommes

Hu, Yuan

Trapped-Electron Transport via Microinstabilities F. Perkins

Biglari, Hamid

Theory of Resistive Magnetohydrodynamic Instabilities Excited By Energetic Trapped Particles in Large-size Tokamaks L. Chen

Meyerhofer, David D.

Relaxation and Particle Diffusion in the Proto S-1/C Spheromak M. Yamada
Name Title Advisor(s)

Milchberg, Howard M.

Studies of Population Inversions and Gains for XUV Laser Development in a Recombining Plasma Column S. Suckewer

Goree, John A.

The Backward Electrostatic Ion-Cyclotron Wave, Fast Wave Current Drive, and Far-Infrared Laser Scattering M. Ono, R. M. Kulsrud

Ho, Darwin D.-M.

Transport, Convective Equilibrium, and Reactor Physics in Stellarator Type Devices R. M. Kulsrud

Buchenauer, Dean A. J.

Fast Ion Effects on Magnetic Instabilities in the PDX Tokamak K. McGuire

Cowley, Steven C.

Some Aspects of Anomalous Transport in Tokamaks: Stochastic Magnetic Fields, Tearing Modes and Nonlinear Ballooning Instabilities R. M. Kulsrud

Albert, Jay M.

Mapping Analysis of Ripple Transport in a Tokamak A. H. Boozer

Min, Kyoung W.

Numerical Study on the Earth's Magnetotail Formation and Magnetospheric Substorm H. Okuda

Wysocki, Frederick J.

Experimental Investigation of Line Tying Effects on the Spheromak Tilt Mode M. Yamada
Name Title Advisor(s)

Ruzic, David N. (Physics)

Total scattering cross-sections and interatomic potentials for neutral hydrogen and helium on some noble gasses S. A. Cohen

Heidbrink, William W.

Tokamak diagnostics using fusion products J.D. Strachan

Dubin, Daniel H. E.

Perturbation methods and closure approximations in nonlinear systems J. A. Krommes, C. R. Oberman

Crowley, Thomas

Measurements of density fluctuations in the PDX tokamak using microwave scattering techniques E. Mazzucato

Hahm, Taik Soo

Theory of weakly collisional modes in magnetically confined high temperature plasmas L. Chen

Koniges, Alice E. (Applied Math)

MHD equilibrium in toroidal systems with a helical magnetic axis J.L. Johnson, M.D. Kruskal  

Skiff, Frederick N. (Physics)

Linear and nonlinear excitation of slow waves in the ion cyclotron frequency range M. Ono, K.-L. Wong
Name Title Advisor(s)

Elder, Gerald B.

Electron cyclotron emissions from an electron cyclotron heated discharge in ISX-B H. C. S. Hsuan

Brau, Kevin

Impurity poloidal asymmetries and plasma rotation in the PDX tokamak S. Suckewer

DeLucia, James

Linear and 2D nonlinear studies of resistive instabilities in the cylindrical spheromak S. C. Jardin

Munson, Carter P.

Experimental identification and control of spheromak tilting instabilities M. Yamada

Micklich, Bradley J.

Control of neutron albedo in toroidal fusion reactors D. L. Jassby

Thompson, Harold R., Jr.

Second harmonic ion cyclotron resonance heating by the fast magnetosonic wave on the PLT tokamak J.C. Hosea  
Name Title Advisor(s)

Schultz, Carl Goran

Tearing modes in tokamak plasmas with and without ion beam driver currents P. K. Kaw

Wurden, Glen A.

CO2 laser scattering on rf waves in ACT-I M. Ono, K.-L. Wong

MacKay, Robert S.

Renormalisation in area preserving maps J. L. Johnson, M. D. Kruskal

Andrews, Philip L.

Scattering of lower-hybrid waves by density fluctuations F. W. Perkins

Anania, Giorgio

Equilibrium and stability of stellarators J. L. Johnson

Kotschenreuther, Michael T.

The effect of small-scale fluctuations on several plasma processes J. A. Krommes, C.R. Oberman  

Ryu, Chang-Mo

A numerical study of resistive MHD eigenmodes in cylindrical geometry R. C. Grimm  
Name Title Advisor(s)

Barnes, Cris W.

Studies of runaway electron transport in PLT and PDX J. D. Strachan

Jensen, Roderick V.

Functional integral approach to classical statistical dynamics C. R. Oberman

Similon, Philippe L.

A renormalized theory of drift- wave turbulence in sheared magnetic fields J. A. Krommes

Chrien, Robert E.

Measurements of fusion reactions from a tokamak plasma J. D. Strachan

Hsu, Wen-Ling

The gaseous divertor experiment M. Yamada

Rosengaus, Eliezer

Renormalization of perturbation theories for action-angle transformations R. L. Dewar  
Name Title Advisor(s)

McWilliams, Roger D.

Current generation and damping of finite amplitude lower hybrid waves R. W. Motley

Wilson, James Randall

Ponderomotive force effects on resonance cones and slow-wave coupling above the lower-hybrid frequency K.-L. Wong

Bhattacharjee, Amitava

Energy principle with global invariants R. L. Dewar

Allen, Gary R.

Experimental investigation of an impurity-driven drift-wave instability M. Yamada

Eames, David R.

Ultra-soft x-ray emission from the Princeton Large Torus tokamak S. von Goeler

Voss, Donald E.

Low energy neutral atom emission and plasma recycling in the PLT tokamak S. A. Cohen  
Name Title Advisor(s)

Marchand, Richard

Two-dimensional eigenmode analysis of the trapped-ion instability W. M. Tang

Kleva, Robert G.

Aspects of the statistical theory of stochastic magnetic fields: test particle transport and turbulent collisionless tearing mode J. A. Krommes
Name Title Advisor(s)

Ono, Masayuki

Experimental and theoretical studies of parametric instabilities near the ion cyclotron frequency in single and multi-ion species plasmas M. Porkolab

Adler, Edward Allen (Physics)

Magnetic reconnection R. M. Kulsrud

Hassam, Adilnawaz B.S.

Characteristics and lifetime of convective plasma motions in tokamaks R. M. Kulsrud
Name Title Advisor(s)

Goldston, Robert J.

Fast Ion Diagnostic Experiment on ATC: Radially Resolved Measurements of Q, Zeff, Ti[parallel], and Ti[anti-parallel] H. P. Eubank

Seiler, Steven W. (Physics)

Linear and nonlinear development of a lower-hybrid wave driven by a perpendicular ion beam H. W. Hendel, M. Yamada

Hsu, Jang-Yu

A study of drift, Alfven and tearing modes in a nonuniform plasma with sheared magnetic fields P. K. Kaw

True, Michael A.

Drift waves in inhomogeneous plasmas with shear and temperature gradients H. Okuda

Schuss, Jack J.

Thomson scattering measurements of plasma turbulence near quarter-critical density in a CO2 laser-heated gas target plasma T. K. Chu
Name Title Advisor(s)

Newberger, Barry

Finite beta effects on low- frequency instabilities in an axisymmetric torus A. H. Glasser

Rosen, Mordecai D.

Radial boundary layers in diffusing toroidal equilibria J. M. Greene, E. A. Frieman

Jardin, Stephen C.

Time integration of the ideal MHD equations in 2D tokamak geometry J. L. Johnson

Marmar, Earl S. (Physics)

Transport of injected impurities in the ATC tokamak S. A. Cohen
Name Title Advisor(s)

Grek, Boris

Parametric excitation, heating and anomalous absorption at the upper hybrid and cyclotron harmonic frequencies M. Porkolab

Krommes, John A.

On renormalized kinetic theories of anomalous transport due to hydrodynamic fluctuations in strongly magnetized plasma C. R. Oberman

Sauthoff, Ned

The structure of fluctuations in the trapped electron regime of the FM-1 Spherator J. A. Schmidt

Sperling, Jacob L.

Parametric instabilities and electrostatic ion-cyclotron waves in multispecies plasma F. W. Perkins

Bellan, Paul M.

Theoretical and experimental studies of the propagation of electrostatic lower hybrid waves M. Porkolab
Name Title Advisor(s)

Orens, Joseph H.

Anomalous plasma resistivity due to ion acoustic turbulence J. M. Dawson

Chu, Cheng

Investigations of anomalous processes associated with the lower hybrid waves J. M. Dawson

Sauthoff, Ned

The structure of fluctuations in the trapped electron regime of the FM-1 Spherator J. A. Schmidt

Johnston, Russell S.

Classical induced scattering of coherent waves R. M. Kulsrud

Tsang, Kang Too

Non-axisymmetric toroidal transport and plasma rotation E. A. Frieman

Flick, James T.

Identification of saturation of the isothermal parametric ion acoustic decay instability H. W. Hendel
Name Title Advisor(s)

Williams, Edward A. (Physics)

Theory of fluctuations in plasma C. R. Oberman
Name Title Advisor(s)

Lindl, John

Turbulent electron viscosity due to electrostatic instabilities in plasmas with large current shears J. M. Dawson

Max, Claire E.

Relativistic electromagnetic waves in plasmas F. W. Perkins
Name Title Advisor(s)

Jamin, Eric

Low-frequency stability theory in an axisymmetric torus with shear E. A. Frieman

Jablon, Claude J.

Non-linear effects of trapped- particle instabilities in toroidal configurations P. H. Rutherford

Pacher, Guenther W.

Investigation of the effect of obstacles on plasma in the Spherator S. Yoshikawa

Spight, Carl

Analysis or relaxation processes and stability of a plasma in a uniform electric field C. R. Oberman

Schlitt, Leland G.

Effects of parallel wavelength on the collisional drift instability H. W. Hendel

Valeo, Ernest J.

Interaction of high frequency electric fields with plasma C. R. Oberman
Name Title Advisor(s)

Bateman, Russell G., Jr.

Kinetic theory of a plasma in a small electric field M. D. Kruskal

Pacher, Horst D.

Identification and stabili- zation of resistive drift waves in the spherator S. Yoshikawa

Chang, Robert P. H.

Nonlinear scattering of cyclotron harmonic plasma waves M. Porkolab

Jassby, Daniel L.

Transverse velocity shear instabilities in a magneto- plasma column R. W. Motley

Dewar, Robert L.

Averaged Langrangian methods and nearly periodic motions in plasmas R. M. Kulsrud

Ellis, Richard F.

Current-driven collisional drift instability in a thermally ionized cesium plasma R. W. Motley

Valanejad, Esmail

Linear instability of a magnetic neutral line J. M. Greene
Name Title Advisor(s)

Langdon, Allan B.

Investigations of a sheet model for a bounded plasma with magnetic field and radiation J. M. Dawson

Kruer, William L.

Some investigations of wave- particle interactions J. M. Dawson

Winsor, Niels K.

A numerical model for low- pressure plasma in a toroidal magnetic field J. L. Johnson

Politzer, Peter A.

Drift instability in collision- less alkali metal plasmas H. W. Hendel

Gurnee, Mark N.

Effect of a magnetic field on the diffusion of an electron- hole plasma W. M. Hooke, G. J. Goldsmith

Marsh, Jeffrey B.

Anomalous transmission and reflection of cyclotron waves P. H. Rutherford

Tsai, Shih-Tung

Thermal conductivity and low-frequency waves in collisional plasmas F. W. Perkins, T. H. Stix
Name Title Advisor(s)

Uman, Myron F. (EE)

Experimental study of ion cyclotron waves in a hot plasma W. M. Hooke

Tappert, Frederick D. (Physics)

Kinetic theory of the classical equilibrium plasma medium E. A. Frieman

Boris, Jay P.

Resistively modified normal modes of an inhomogeneous incompressible plasma J. M. Greene

Mosher, David

Effect of magnetic shear on confinement of a quiescent asymmetric plasma F. F. Chen

Young, Kenneth M.

Fluctuations and particle loss in ohmic heated discharges in the Model C Stellarator S. Yoshikawa

Bayless, John R.

Interaction of an electron beam with a helicon wave in InSb W. M. Hooke

Forslund, David W.

A model of the plasma sheet in the Earth's magnetosphere B. Coppi
Name Title Advisor(s)

Hsuan, Hulbert C.S. (EE)

Kinetic equation for a plasma with electromagnetic interaction E. A. Frieman

Blanken, Ronald A.

On instabilities associated with the interaction of relativistic electrons with electrostatic waves propagating nearly perpendicular to a static magnetic field A.F. Kuckes, W. B. Ard

Rogister, Andre L.

Kinetic theory of stable and weakly unstable plasma C. R. Oberman
Name Title Advisor(s)

Orszag, Steven A.

Theory of turbulence M. D. Kruskal

Levine, Alfred M. (EE)

Effect of electron temperature on the excitation of electrostatic ion cyclotron oscillations A.F. Kuckes

Shanny, Ramy A.

Numerical experiments in plasma physics J. M. Dawson, J. M. Greene

Davidson, Ronald C.

Weak turbulence in a homogeneous plasma E. A. Frieman
Name Title Advisor(s)

Bodner, Stephen E. (Physics)

Quasi-linear theory of electro- static instabilities E. A. Frieman

Ramanathan, G. V. (Aerospace & Sciences)

Correlations in an equilibrium plasma M. D. Kruskal

Birmingham, Thomas J. (Physics)

Radiation by a plasma: Quadrupole bremsstrahlung and synchroton emission J. M. Dawson
Name Title Advisor(s)

Su, Chan-Hsing (Aeronautical Engineering)

Kinetic theory of weakly coupled gases E. A. Frieman

Berk, Herbert L. (Physics)

Electrical transport equation for a plasma model C. R. Oberman

Book, David (Physics)

Multiple time scale approach to the derivation of quantum mechanical kinetic equations E. A. Frieman

Kennel, Charles F.

Low-frequency stability of spatially non-uniform plasmas E. A. Frieman
Name Title Advisor(s)

Smith, Craig G. (Mechanical Engineering)

Some computer experiments with a one-dimensional plasma model J. M. Dawson

Cohen, Ira M. (Aeronautical Engineering)

Theory of spherical electro-static probes in a slightly ionized collision-dominated gas -- review and extension I. B. Bernstein, M. D. Kruskal

Fante, Ronald L. (Electrical Engineering)

New solution of the kinetic equations for a plasma including radiation, Vol. 1. Calculation of the spectral density of radiation scattered by a non-equilibrium plasma which is valid for all wavenumbers Vol. 2 E. A. Frieman
Name Title Advisor(s)

Mjolsness, Raymond C. (Mathematics)

Study of the stability of a relativistic particle beam passing through a plasma E. A. Frieman

Wong, Alfred Y.-F. (Electrical Engineering)

Excitation, propagation and damping of ion acoustic waves in highly-ionized plasmas R. W. Motley
Name Title Advisor(s)

Bussard, Robert W. (Physics)

Energy principle for the stability of hydromagnetic plasmas in equilibrium motion M. D. Kruskal, E. A. Frieman

Robinson, Bruce B. (Physics)

Variational description of transport phenomena in a plasma I. Rabinowitz
Name Title Advisor(s)

Montgomery, David C. (Physics)

Topics in non-linear plane wave motion in a classical ionized gas L. Spitzer, Jr.