Stories of a Woman+ Plasma Physicist

Mon, Aug 31, 2020 (All day) to Mon, Nov 30, 2020 (All day)

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Are you a woman or other gender minority in plasma physics?

Remember the time you questioned whether you belonged in this field?

Or the time that you had to summon extraordinary strength and resilience,

             to survive and fight another day?

Share your stories with us and let our voices be heard.

Read here or below for event Q&A. Submit your stories here. Volunteer to be a reader here.


Event Q&A

What kind of stories are you looking for?

Any stories related to the experience of being a woman and/or gender minority in plasma physics. Examples include, but not limited to stories of:

  • Gender based discrimination / harassment; unwanted attention
  • Reconciling your gender /cultural / etc. identity and your identity as a plasma physicist
  • Moments of self doubt as a woman, questioning of belonging
  • Moments when a mentor / role model inspired you and gave you strength
  • Moments when a male ally lifted you up / defended you
  • When you had to prove yourself that much harder to gain respect as a scientist


Note: Intersectionality means that women who also are, for example, underrepresented minorities, or LGBTQ+, or disabled, often have different experiences than women who are not, and often face additional challenges in our field. We welcome stories that highlight these experiences and will seek to center diverse voices within our event.

How will the reading work?

We will choose a reader, or multiple readers, to read the stories aloud to the audience. This will help to ensure anonymity for those submitting stories. The reading will likely take place over a video conferencing platform like Zoom. If you’re interested in volunteering to be reader, fill out the sign up form here and we’ll be in touch! (Allies of ALL gender identities are welcome and encouraged to volunteer) 

When will the reading be? Who will be the audience?

TBD at this time, but likely some time in September. We will announce the date when we have a better idea of the volume of submissions and the amount of editing required. The reading event will be open to the plasma physics community. 

How are you making sure the stories won’t be personally identifiable?

We ask that all names of people / organizations / research groups be omitted in story submissions. After the submission deadline, we will read through all submissions and carefully edit out any possible identifying information. We will then break up and “remix” the stories, so that your stories will be interlaced with stories of others. The final product will be a story series of fictional characters with real-life events!

Why are you asking me about demographic information?

You’re free to answer as many demographic questions as you want, if any at all! This is purely for our statistics purposes: we want to gauge the reach of this event and the range of representation. But NONE of the collected information will be shared alongside any of the stories.

I want to submit multiple stories. Should I submit the form multiple times, or write them in a single submission?

Whichever that makes you the most comfortable. If you do submit multiple stories in one submission, we will likely break them up in our delivery to protect your identity. If you elect to submit the form multiple times, we ask that you respond to the demographic questions at most one time.

What if I don't want my submissions edited?

Just let us know! You can add instructions to us in the comment section of your submission. We will try to honor your request, and contact you (if you leave an email) if there are issues.

Can I forward this to other women / non-binary / trans plasma physicists I know?

Yes absolutely!

I’m a trans man. Can I submit stories?

Yes. You’re welcome to submit stories related to your experience presenting as a woman pre-transition, or experiences of gender-based harassment / discrimination / doubts / fears / mentorship / etc post-transition. However, we might have to edit out certain details to make your story not personally identifiable.

Are trans women included?

Of course. Everywhere we use the word “woman” in reference to this event, we are including both cisgender and transgender women. You can choose whether or not to reveal your trans status in your submission if it is not relevant to the content of your story. As with other trans and non-binary submitters, due to low representation in the field, we may need to edit details more to conceal your identity.

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

Email us at, and one of us will get back to you ASAP!

Who are the Princeton Women in Plasma Physics?

We are a Princeton University graduate student organization, registered with the Office of the Dean of Graduate School. Our members include the current women students in the Princeton Program in Plasma Physics. Find out more about us on our webpage

It’s awesome that PWiPP is a thing! I’m an alumna / supporter, how can I get involved?

Great! If you’d like to be contacted in the future to participate in our events (networking, speaker series, etc.) please email us at, and we’ll add you to our network! 

Stories of a Woman+ Plasma Physicist

Mon, Aug 31, 2020 (All day) to Mon, Nov 30, 2020 (All day)