Graduate Student Committee

Photo of GSC committee

Part of the members in the graduate student committee. Left to right: Max, Harry, Laura, Michael, Ben, Javier, Brian, Himawan, Yichen.

Current members

Chair: Michael May '19

Vice Chair: Harry Fetsch '20

Webmaster: Maxwell Rosen '21

Social Chair: Euichan Jung '22, Silvia Trinczek '22

Climate and Inclusion: Javier Morales Arias '21

Outreach Chair: Maxwell Rosen '21

Graduate Student Goverment Representative: Himawan Winarto '18

Class Year Representative: Laura Zhang '16,  Ben Israeli '17,  Yichen Fu '17,  Himawan Winarto '18,  Suying Jin '18, Stephen Majeski '19,  Michael May '19,  Harry Fetsch '20,  Brian Jensen '21,  Javier Morales Arias '21,  Maxwell Rosen '21, Silvia Trinczek '22, Jacob Matthew Molina '22, Jace Waybright '22