Deepen Garg

Advisor: I. Dodin

Current Project: Interaction of gravitational waves with plasma

Deepen Garg joined the program as a part of the 2016 cohort. After a short and very much unsuccessful stint in experimental physics, he learned the invaluable lesson to stick to theoretical physics, and has been working with Prof. Dodin to formulate a theory for the interaction of gravitational waves with plasma. If successful, this would be the first ever self-consistent theory of such interactions, capable of describing a wide variety of phenomena which have not yet been captured by the current theories.

Deepen grew up in a small town called Gidderbaha in the state of Punjab, India. From there he went to IIT Bombay for his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering. Three semesters into college, he realized that he hated his major but it was too late to do anything about it by then. He somehow passed his courses and went on to become an Analytics Consultant in a corporate setting. After 3 years, which he loved, he decided to do something more abstract and fundamental (and if possible, less useful). So he quit his job with the confidence that, of course, there must be many who are looking to fill physics positions with people with no physics background. While he was surprised that this turned out to be not the case, he did manage to find a few generous people who gave him a chance, and after a couple of stints here and there in India, he  found himself in the graduate program in Princeton. 

Most of his research time is spent staring at his notebooks in disbelief, bearing the fruits of his idiosyncratic decision-making. When he is not pretending to do Physics, he can be found pretending to know how to swim, or sing acapella, or play table tennis. He really misses the Himalayas, and has, so far, not been able to move on from that, although he has lately increased his efforts to explore American mountains. He likes to go on long runs along the serene canal path where the tranquil Carnegie lake reminds him of the lakes in Kashmir. He never says no to an LOTR marathon, however he does find it difficult to resist the urge to recite the dialogues along.

He is happy to answer any questions about his research, the graduate program, life in Princeton or, in fact, any other topic he may not even be qualified to talk about.