Dingyun Liu

Advisor: G. Hammett

Dingyun Liu grew up in Wuhan, China, and she had her undergraduate education at University of Science and Technology of China. In the same year she received a bachelor's degree in applied and engineering physics, she joined the 2019 cohort of the Princeton Program in Plasma Physics. A summer program at UCLA in 2018 stimulated her interest for further exploration in the field of plasma physics. During the 2 months, she analyzed the data collected from LAPD and looked into the intermittent turbulent structure associated with plasma transport.

Dingyun came with an interdisciplinary background, and she is eager to improve her understanding of physics. She started her first year project with experimental study of sawtooth events of tokamak reconnection. She is picking up the background theory and analysis method in the work. 

She can be contacted by email at [email protected]. Discussion on plasma physics and the program are always welcome!