Himawan Winarto

Advisor: M. Kunz

Current Project: Tearing and Mirror instabilities related effect in current sheet formation

Himawan Wicaksono Winarto, also commonly known as Hima, joined the program in 2018 after graduating from the Physics program of the very same university. Before coming to Princeton, Hima grew up and live in Malang, Indonesia. He is currently working with Prof. Matthew Kunz on the investigation of current sheet formation in reconnection process. Previously, he worked with Prof. Hantao Ji on the Princeton Magnetorotational Instability experiment for his undergraduate thesis and the first year project. His work mapped the extent of magnetorotational instability on the experiment's parameter space and how to correlate it with the experiment diagnostics. In the broad sense, his research interest is on investigating the fundamental nature of plasma through the numerical simulations or experiments. His other interests are ranging from teaching, tinkering, and esports. He can be reached at [email protected] for any questions about the program and his research projects.