Jessica Li

Advisors: A. Reiman, M. Zarnstorff

Current Project: Turbulence in negative triangularity stellarator plasmas.

Jessica Li grew up in Frederick, MD and completed her undergraduate degree in Applied Physics with a minor in Computer Science at Columbia University in 2018. While there, she worked on numerical modeling of torsatron devices as part of the Columbia CIRCUS stellarator research group, with a brief whirlwind foray into chaos theory on the side. She participated in the SULI internship program at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab in 2017 and later entered the Plasma Physics graduate program in the fall of 2018.

During her first year she worked on a computational research project on the nonlinear effects of RF heating on magnetic islands in tokamaks, but she misses those twisty bois (stellarators) and hopes to conduct research on that subject in the near future. She feels fortunate to have entered the program at a time when there are more women than you can count on one hand and believes in making physics and other STEM fields more accessible to women and underrepresented minorities. Outside of physics, her interests include baking, video games, listening to emo music too loud, and reading the worst pop science books. Jessica can be reached at [email protected].