Kendra Bergstedt

Advisor: H. Ji
Vice President of Princeton Women+ in Plasma Physics

Kendra grew up in Roseville, Minnesota and got their undergraduate degrees in Physics and Math at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. While there, they became interested in computational physics and space plasma physics. Their time as a student of space physicists Prof. Cindy Cattell and Prof. Lindsay Glesener taught them how impactful diversity at the professorial level is for students joining the field.

Kendra joined the Princeton Plasma Physics program as a graduate student in 2018. Their first year project investigated turbulent magnetic reconnection in the Earth's magnetotail using data from NASA's MMS mission, under the advisement of Prof. Hantao Ji. They have been continuing their work with Prof. Ji, with a new focus on simulations of space, solar, or astrophysically-relevant plasmas and the potential applications of machine learning techniques to analysis of spacecraft data.

During their free time, Kendra enjoys sleeping, playing video games and tabletop RPGs, trying to practice trombone without annoying their neighbors, and getting outside in nature and marvelling at the flora and fauna they see there.

Kendra can be reached at [email protected]