Nirbhav Chopra

Advisor: Y. Raitses

Nirbhav Singh Chopra entered the Princeton Program in Plasma Physics in 2018 after receiving undergraduate degrees in Engineering Physics and Mathematics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 

Nirbhav works with Dr. Yevgeny Raitses in the Laboratory for Plasma Nanosynthesis and on the Hall Thruster Experiment. Nirbhav’s research interests lie mainly in experimental low-temperature plasma physics, including novel applications of plasma-based spacecraft propulsion and atmospheric pressure discharges utilized for the synthesis of nanomaterials. Nirbhav also provides support for the Princeton Collaborative Low Temperature Plasma Research Facility (PCRF), including developing and maintaining the PCRF’s web presence.

In his free time, Nirbhav enjoys playing guitar, taking a walk in the woods, and taking on one too many side projects. Nirbhav can be contacted at [email protected], and he’s always happy to discuss low-temperature plasmas and innovative concepts in general.