Oak Nelson

Advisor: E. Kolemen

I am a graduate student at PPPL working on a thesis entitled "Comprehensive dynamic analysis of the H-mode pedestal in DIII-D." This thesis will be a combination of three separate experimental thrusts: (1) an investigation into the relationship between the neutral fueling profile and the pedestal structure, (2) experimental identification of turbulent processes that dictate transport through the pedestal and (3) 2D modeling of pedestal/SOL interactions with UEDGE. 

Additional projects include the development of several OMFIT modules for DIII-D analysis, studies of advanced ECE implementation, investigations into locked mode dynamics, implementation of automated ELM control, and surface chemistry experiments regarding the sputtering of lithium surfaces.

I hope to continue fusion research after graduate school with a focus on teaching and education. I’m currently engaged in several diversity and outreach programs, and would like to continue to work to combat the gender- and race-related inequalities in our field and to make fusion and plasma research accessible to all.

Outside of work, I love to climb mountains, play Ultimate Frisbee player and make fusion-based memes. If you’d like to talk about any of these activities or fusion or the Princeton Plasma Physics Program, let me know!