Suying Jin

Advisor: I. Dodin

Suying Jin (김소영) joined the Princeton Program in Plasma Physics in 2018, after graduating from UCLA. She has since been working on using RF waves to mitigate disruptions with Professors Nathaniel Fisch and Allan Reiman. More broadly, she is interested in wave physics and wave-particle interactions, but especially when it allows for manipulation of the plasma to further fusion efforts. 

When reminded to do so, she is very happy to participate in outreach. Thanks to organizational nudges from PWiPP leadership and the Science Education department at PPPL, she has guest lectured at plasma physics workshops hosted by PPPL/Princeton, been a panelist and discussion leader at a local CUWiP, and traveled back to UCLA and surrounding CSU's to give outreach talks to spread the plasma gospel.

Likes include: playing piano, cooking, Tae Kwon Do, beer. Dislikes include: writing her own bio in third person.