Women+ in Plasma Physics

There's not a lot of us, but all you need is a small spark to ignite a big future!

Princeton Women+ in Plasma Physics (PWiPP) was founded in 2017 by Laura Xin Zhang and Sierra Jubin. In September 2018, we welcomed four new members: Alexandra LeViness, Jessica Li, Kendra Bergstedt, and Suying Jin. Dingyun Liu then joined us in the summer of 2019, and Courtney Johnson and Elena Mitra in 2021. The fresh energy brought by them has helped bring the group out of the serenity of the Princeton Forrestal campus and into the real world.

What do we mean by "Women+"? Our group is inclusive of all women in plasma physics, whether cisgender or transgender, plus other non-woman gender minorities such as nonbinary people. We aim to build a supportive and inclusive environment for anyone whose gender identity or expression might fall outside the norm in our field.

We have started sharing our passion with younger women and gender minorities in STEM. We hosted a seminar to introduce undergraduate students to the field of plasma physics and participated in the APS Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics 2019 at TCNJ as panelists and exhibitors. We’re also frequent collaborators and participants of outreach activities organized by the PPPL science education department.

PWiPP is on a mission: we aim to foster a supportive community for women and gender minorities in plasma physics at Princeton, to inspire younger women+ to join the (plasma) physics community via educational outreach, and most importantly, to empower diverse scientists of the future.

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